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Global Internet Liberty Campaign

There are no borders in cyberspace. Actions by individual governments and multi-national organizations can have a profound effect on the rights of citizens around the world. The member organizations of GILC have joined together to protect and promote fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and the right of privacy on the net for users everywhere.

 LATEST NEWS (November 26, 1997)

EU Releases Plan for Internet Filtering. The European Commission released an "Action Plan on promoting safe use of the Internet " on November 26, 1997 calling for self-regulation, filtering and ratings. [EN] [DE]. Press Release [EN]

New UK Report on Online Censorship. Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) released a report, "Who Watches the Watchmen: Internet Content Rating Systems, and privatised censorship"on November 11, 1997 on the implications of the use and development of rating systems and filtering tools for the Internet content.

European Parliament Recommends Net Restrictions. The European Parliament issued a resolution on October 24 on "[T]he protection of minors and human dignity in audiovisual and information services (COM(96)0483 - C4-0621/96) [EN]" [DE] [ES] [FR]. The resolution calls for limitations on net content to protect minors.

EU Releases Crypto Report. The European Commission released a report on encryption policy "Towards A European Framework for Digital Signatures And Encryption." Last month, Privacy International and GILC sponsored a meeting at the European Parliament on "Cryptography and the Internet: Developing Privacy and Security Policy for the European Information Society".

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